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Toni Trate, DO

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Scheduling routine physical examinations is an important part of preventive health care. At her Farmington Hills, Michigan, family practice, Toni Trate, MD, offers comprehensive physical exams to monitor your overall health and wellness. Dr. Toni Trate recommends annual physicals to stay on top of your health needs, whether or not you have existing medical conditions. Schedule your next physical using the online booking feature or by calling the Farmington Hills office today.

Annual Physical Exam Q&A

Why do I need an annual physical exam?

A physical exam every year helps Dr. Trate identify potential health issues early to ensure your body is functioning optimally.

Yearly physicals also provide the opportunity for early detection of potentially serious health issues, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

What can I expect during an annual physical exam?

At the start of your appointment, Dr. Trate reviews your medical history and discusses any concerns you may have about changes in your health. She also evaluates your family history to determine if additional testing is necessary for hereditary health conditions, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

After taking measurements of your height, weight, and blood pressure levels, Dr. Trate performs a physical examination of your ears, nose, throat, and internal organs, checking for abnormalities, such as swelling or infection.

Depending on your specific needs and health history, Dr. Trate may recommend screening tests, such as blood work, to check your blood sugar and cholesterol.

Will I need to get shots during my physical?

Your annual physical exam is the ideal time to get updated immunizations to protect you from tetanus, pneumonia, and the flu.

Dr. Trate can review your immunization history and recommend necessary shots to keep you healthy.

How should I prepare for a physical examination?

To ensure Dr. Trate has all of the information she needs to care for your health, you should bring a list of all your current medications and any supplements you take regularly.

If you notice any changes in your health or have developed new symptoms since your last physical, be sure to discuss them directly with Dr. Trate. This information can help her choose the health screenings you should have each year.

Dr. Trate may also discuss your lifestyle habits, including your exercise routine and diet, to ensure you’re getting the right nutrition and staying active. She can also offer resources to improve your overall health, including tips to help you quit smoking, lose weight, or safely increase your physical activity.

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